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  • Che Teran 2012

    Fragrant raspberries vinosity wrapped in violet petals, which dominate the brioche and make this sparkling aperitifly dominant. Teranic blood, without sweat, and with tears of salinity, caress the mouth and sings in a hedonistic sunset of old Istrian, teran varietal, Mediterranean, cheerful wine.

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  • Dark Rose NV

    In the mouth the whole spectre of fruitiness! Ripe pear and green apple with drops of honey, sage and chamomile tea, elderflower, sprinkled the pinch of sage, rosemary and “fior di sale”, followed by a broad and long aftertaste of noble bitter almond. The wine lasts and lasts, and leaves a minerally salty touch on the lips. Trademark wine of the winery with the most “over 90” points rating, vintage 2012 keeps up to the level.

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  • Nigra Virgo Revolution 2012

    The palate detects smoothness, freshness, fine tannicity, minerality, wide and long aftertaste. Teranic freshness, floral and youth, complemented with a serious extractive and tannicity from Cabernet Sauvignon, leaning on the fruitiness and pepper from Syrah, finishes with Merlot fruity softness. But Teran, the flagship of this and all future red and rose wines from the Trapan winery dominates and essentially determines this wine.

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  • Ponente 2013

    In the mouth, the aromatic spectrum of the fruity-floral base is upgraded with noble bitter almond and “salty” ending pronounced minerality. Fresh, medium to the long aftertaste, which along with medium body and alcohol give a serious touch to this “merriment” which seems to be reflecting the character of the winemaker. As in traditional restaurants, taverns and wine bars, Ponente in this stylistics and equipment (screw cap) also has a big door on the terraces, discos and nightclubs, the stands of sporting events, the places where you will meet its author, who like the wine feel at home in these places.

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  • Rubi Rose 2013

    Fruitiness and softness of merlot, strength, and sharpness of tannic cabernet sauvignon, cherry, and pepper syrah hide behind teran. Freshness, fruitiness raspberry and violet flowers dominate this Rose.

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