croatia olive oil
Inovatus Crobrand Premium is a promotional agency and trade company with a mission to bring the finest products from selected food producers, wines and olive oils from South Eastern Europe to Asia.

Our initial focus is to introduce the Chinese market to the best of Croatia. With a long and proud tradition of drawing upon its own natural resources, Croatia is a Central European and Mediterranean country that offers a wide range of premium products, including fine foods and Croatia olive oil. We share a passion for exquisite oils and fine gourmet products and an obvious need for exposure of Regional delicacies and premium quality standards within China.

The Inovatus team has long standing relationships with many oil producers across Croatia and surrounding countries. With the number of producers, we represent continuously growing, we intend to maintain an evolving list of new and exciting wines and olive oils for you to discover. Discerning customers will appreciate uniquely fine and natural wines and oils, made from high-quality grapes and olives respectively that are grown solely in specific regions of Croatia. Prepare to be surprised and delighted. We look forward to sharing our passion with you.