Croatia is a nation of islands. More than a thousand isles, keys and peninsulas dot the aquamarine waters along its Adriatic shores. It’s also a land of vineyards, with more than 300 geographically defined wine districts corralled into an area roughly the size of the state of West Virginia.

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Croatia is all about diversity! Diversity of geography, grape and terroir. It is about being surprised that there is a world class Pinot Noir being produced not more than 25 miles west of the capital, Zagreb, at the Korak winery, which lies in the Croatian Uplands region of Plešivica hills. It is also about being surprised that the discovery of wine is intimately and intricately connected to the locals and their food.

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Croatian wines are simply delightful and their variety and deep flavour have been impressing  visitors to Croatia since the times of the ancient Greeks.

The ideal conditions for viniculture in this region were recognized by the Greeks and Romans, who produced wine often in the same places, and with similar types of grapes, as today’s vineyards.

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